Tikkun Olam

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Tikkun Olam, or "perfecting the world", is one of the most important mitzvot that we undertake as Jews. And as members of Mosaic, we have to make even more of an effort with Tikkun Olam, since a perfect outdoors makes our activities more fun for everyone.

Some of our members have chosen to participate in events and activities to practice Tikkun Olam, and this page is meant to share those endeavors. If you participate in community service activities, be they Park Cleanups or Charity Events, you can submit information about them to contact_mosaicmd.org@yahoo.com.

Once it's accepted as appropriate to the site (Jewish, Outdoors, charitable), it will be posted below. We have to be picky here, just so we don't go overboard. Guidelines will be built as requests come in, since this is new for us to be posting.