Event Leaders


1. Come up with an event idea and date choices and send the information to the current activities' coordinator at email address: contact_mosaicmd.org@yahoo.com. The activities coordinator can assist in finalizing the event description and answer any questions, if needed.

2. Print out the Mosaic activity-signin-sheet. If you have trouble with the link, there is an attachment at the bottom of this page. You click on it, then click on the box with the diagonal arrow. It will open on another page. Then print.


1. Bring the Mosaic Activity Sign-In Sheet to your event.

2. Write the event name, your name and the date at the top of the sign-in sheet.

3. Have everyone sign in, before the event begins.

4. Collect any monies you have on your event description.

5. Wait 15 minutes past the meeting time, before proceeding.

6. Send the completed form to contact_mosaicmd.org@yahoo.com.

7. For hiking events, please assign someone as the sweep, a person who remains at the back of the group, to make sure everyone stays together.

Mosaic Activity Sign In sheet.pdf